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We hope that the ideas presented here will inspire you to design and create your very own rolling work of art. All of the do-it-yourself bike projects on the ChopZone web site were homebuilt using only the most basic tools and easy to find materials. There are no machined parts, no expensive custom bicycle components, and all of the tools needed can be purchased at any hardware store.

As for tools, you will need a welder (any type of welder will work including AC, DC, MIG, TIG, or torch), an angle grinder, and basic wrenches, screwdrivers and hammer. The main idea of these home built bike plans is to inspire original works using both your imagination and the materials you have available to you, not to copy every angle and detail right to the millimeter.

Don't let the need for a welder scare you away if you are just starting out, we are not building aircraft wings, or welding precision military components, just basic 1/16 walled steel tubing. If you have never touched a welder in your life, not to worry, you will still be able to create your own homebuilt custom chopper frame with only a few days of practice welding on some old scrap tubing.

To find the raw materials for these projects, the cheaper the bike, the better! Most department store bicycles are made from inexpensive steel tubing and contain low grade components, prone to failure, but this is a good thing as many of these bikes find their way into trash bins and yard sale tables.

Rusty components? Peeling paint? Flat tires? Who cares! By the time you're done butchering and hacking these "donor" bikes into rebellious works of art, there will be little left of the original equipment, and most of the minor problems can be fixed with nothing more than the twist of a screwdriver or the whack of a large hammer.

Even the finishing details were put on these choppers using only materials I could find on the shelves of my local hardware store. Paint? Sprayed from a can in the backyard. Custom seats? Made from trash cushion foam and cheap vinyl. Machined fork ends? Nope, those are chrome cabinet door handles! If you use your imagination and ingenuity, you can indeed build a show quality chopper for half the cost of a burger and fries.

As you will see in these free homebuilt chopper plans, I do not offer "cut here, weld here" type plans at all. In fact, the entire focus of this compilation is to show you how to become a chopper artist by looking at how I built my bikes in order to form your own ideas and designs.

ChopWork Orange

You can build a custom chopper using basic tools and skills.

You may want to make a phat chop with a car wheel, or turn a granny bike into an "old school" chop, or a whacky tall bike, but these won't be copies of our bikes - they will only be inspired by our bikes, just like our bikes were inspired from bikes that we have seen.

There are many homebuilt choppers, tandems, trikes, quads, tall bikes, electric bikes, trailers and crazy bikes featured in the Builders Gallery. You find a lot of inspiration to create your own custom chopper.

Many of our homebuilt choppers are featured on various web sites such as Bike, Rod & Custom, MAKE, Instructables, BikeForest and in MAKE Magazine,  Momentum Magazine, Popular Mechanics,  and Best of Instructables.

If you are just starting out, read through the Bike Hacking section first, then the Welding Basics section. And, when you need some extra help, be sure to join our Builders Forum of community garage hackers who will give you friendly advice. If you are a seasoned builder, then hopefully our wacky imaginations will get your creative gears turning.

As you follow the step-by-step plans from start to finish, you will find loads of great information to use in your own creations. Every chopper has a unique style and offers something different both in design and fabrication. So, what are you waiting for - let's get chopping!

Health Hazard: All welding processes produce fumes and gases to a greater or lesser extent. Galvanized steels produce added fumes from the vaporized zinc coating. Fumes from welding galvanized steel can contain zinc, iron and lead. Use precautions, including high-velocity circulating fans with filters, good ventilation, air respirators and fume-extraction systems.

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