Trike Stand

Since my tadpole project is to the point where I needed one, and since we just bought a used (sadly, badly) trike for my wife, that will need a LOT of work, I decided I needed a work stand.

The idea of buying new was ridiculous, of course, so I decided to make one.
I've seen them made from 2x4's, PVC pipe, etc, etc, and in hindsight, that probably would have been quicker and simpler.
But I saw that I had this old weight lifting bench on my scrap pile, and the light bulb went off.

The weight bench was conveniently made from 3 sizes of nesting square tubing, and after some cutting, welding, and a lot of head-scratching, I had a completely adjustable, articulated, and all-direction-expandable trike stand, complete with purple yoga mat padding, and all it cost me was time, and a little electricity.
Once everything is tightened down, it's absolutely rigid - More so than the B&D Workmate it's clamped into :unsure:

That's nice and whilst the Workmate is not the firmest jelly in the box least it all packs away into a small area for the weeks and weeks it is not needed.

I just built a work stand using a Workmate. Basically a 2x4 wood "T" shape and some rubber boat rollers. The two pieces hang on the wall so there's less stuff to sweep around on the floor.
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