Pedals too close?

If your pedals are too close I saw this as a solution to a bit more inside leg room without moving the BB. The extender is free to rotate and this gives you it's c to c length in extra room. You loose a little crank length at anything before 90 degrees and gain the same over 90 degrees on the power stroke. The cycle is still perfectly circular. It's the first time I've seen these and thought it worth a flag up here.

Sadly no. I simply saw them on that picture. You could ask the guy selling the bike.

There are similar things here but they are designed to shorten one crank for a knackered knee. None of the below are designed to pivot at the std pedal axle.

Huh. That looks very interesting.

I have a "Compact Long Wheelbase" recumbent. The seat is slid all the way back, but I still have a lot of knee bend. I've been contemplating cutting and welding the seat mount to get some more travel. While that's still the simplest and cheapest fix, simply bolting on some pivot extenders has its advantages. Hmm.
Found some

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