Anyone on here with or experience of the Samagaga Differentila ?

Hi all

My pedal car has one and I need to establish whether it is working properly , or if not why not !
If I support the rear end so neither rear wheel is touching the floor I can turn the diff by rotating the cassette [ no chain yet ]
If I stop the left wheel there is considerable resistance felt at the cassette to turn the right wheel
If I stop the right wheel there is considerable resistance felt at the cassette to turn the left wheel
However subjectively the force does not feel the same side to side ?
Is this normal ?
Should it behave differently ?
It could be as simple as the shafts are not inline ?
I have no idea of the history of the Samagaga fitted to it

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The resistance should be expected as you are having to rotate the diff gears having stopped a wheel. I'd expect the resistance to be equal both ways though. As you say an imbalance of resistance is possibly from manufacturing tolerances. Alternatively it could be because the gears have worn more one way than the other due to circuit racing where one wheel has slipped much more than the other. It'll take a lot of slip to wear gears though (are they hardened or just mild?) so the former explanation is more likely IMO.
How does that Samagaga diff work for you Paul? I just ordered one with axles and the wheels for the axles about a week ago and was told it would take two to six weeks to arrive. Also, if the diff works the same as one in a car one axle half is directly attached to the diff housing inside and the other half axle is driven by the arrangement of bevel gears inside. If you accelerate hard the directly attached half shaft is usually the one to break traction first and spin in loose soil, sand, grass, or gravel. On many dual rear drive axle vehicles, the second drive axel the diff is flipped 180 so the other half axle is the one directly driven to equal out the driving forces.
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Sadly it doesn't as can be seen here :- pedal car so many problems with the build I gave up and made it one wheel drive.
They look a nice unit and I was looking forward to trying it ....

I have a Samagaga differential, and I can tell you it is very stiff.
I track some of it's stiffness down to the grease inside it and some down to the O ring seals on the output shaft stopping said grease leaving.

Stiff maybe acceptable if you have electric , not so good if it is in a race car !

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