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Speedster Electric Scooter

Build a Fast and Fun DIY Electric Scooter

Speedster Electric Scooter - dir ebike
Speedster Electric Scooter - bmx conversion
Speedster Electric Scooter - frame mods
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The electric scooter is a durable high quality electric scooter than you can build from our easy-to-follow plans using easy to source parts.

As the name implies, the Silent Speedster can zoom along at a moderate speed making no noise or spewing pollution.

Because this DIY electric scooter is based on a direct drive bicycle hubmotor kit, it will offer years of trouble free service with very high efficiency and hill climbing ability.

Put those old bike frames to good use, and recycle them into something useful, like this DIY electric scooter. Most of the parts you need to build this can be taken from a single BMX or mountain bike. There are no machined parts on this DIY project, and it can be done on a budget.

Easy to Ride, and Has Long Range Capabilities.

Speedster Electric Scooter - diy electric bike
Speedster Electric Scooter - head tube
Speedster Electric Scooter - square tubing
Speedster Electric Scooter - bottom bracket


TEXT The Silent Speedster uses a commonly available bicycle hubmotor kit and a larger battery bank made up of gel batteries that are available at a department store to create a long range vehicle that will only cost pennies between recharges.

The classic step thought frame design places the bulk of the weight below the axles, creating a very smooth riding and stable electric scooter that rides great at any speed.

You can build this scooter on a budget.

Lean to chop up old bike frames to salvage the components for use in your own DIY bike projects. The rest of the frame is made using commonly available square steel tubing or recycled bike frame tubing. Use whatever parts you have on hand.

Customize Your DIY Electric Scooter.

Speedster Electric Scooter - long range scooter
Speedster Electric Scooter - bike hubmotor
Speedster Electric Scooter - frame welded
Speedster Electric Scooter - head tube welded

The Silent Speedster can be built using 20 inch wheels for extreme hill climbing ability or with 26 inch wheels that will extend the top speed up to city traffic limits.

In fact, every aspect of our easy to follow DIY electric scooter plan is easy to customize so that you can tailor the scooter to your needs or use the parts you already have available.

Change the battery pack to a larger unit for super long range, or try lithium batteries for a lightweight scooter.

The electric hub motor kit can be installed on the front or rear wheel, or even both wheels for an extreme hill climbing and fast accelerating scooter. The head tube is salvaged from an old bicycle frame, and the other frame tubing is just common steel tubing.

Silent Electric Power For City or Country Roads.

Speedster Electric Scooter - battery pack
Speedster Electric Scooter - frame design
Speedster Electric Scooter - steel frame
Speedster Electric Scooter - foot pegs

The Silent Speedster is a smooth runner on the city streets and highly capable on the back trails thanks to the silent running high torque electric hubmotor. Because the motor is actually built right into the wheel, there is no gear or chain drive transmission, so the only sound you hear is the wind past your ears and the natural sounds of the environment around you.

Hubmotors are available from 300 to 2000 watts, so tailor your ride to your needs.

This DIY scooter is the perfect way to enjoy a motorized bicycle in areas where noise levels are tightly controlled and when you do not want to disturb those around you. You can ride on the street, on the bike path, or even off road with the powerful electric wheel drive.

Electric Power is The Future.

Speedster Electric Scooter - e-bike plans
Speedster Electric Scooter - frame tubing
Speedster Electric Scooter - head tube angle
Speedster Electric Scooter - battery box

Enjoy a two hour country tour or zip across town, keeping up with city traffic between lights on your own home built electric scooter.

The easy to build square tube frame allows much room for modifications, so you can add your own ideas to the original plan and create a completely unique electric ride that will suit your needs.

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the the frame is made from basic steel square tubing. No experience necessary to build!

The diy battery box can be built to contain just about any size batteries, so you can make a super long range trike with massive hill climbing torque, or a lightweight, high voltage racer that will outpace city traffic. The battery box can also be swapped out easily.

Charge From Any AC Wall Outlet or Solar Panel.

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Speedster Electric Scooter - scooter battery
Speedster Electric Scooter - e-bike battery
Speedster Electric Scooter - electric bike design

Because these batteries are rechargeable, you can simply plug in the DC adapter to charge from a wall outlet, renewing your scooter for another day of running.

You can also charge your batteries using a solar panel, so ride completely for free off the energy of the sun.

Solar charging would be a great way to keep your electric scooter running at camp, or when living off the grid. Solar panels and charging systems are inexpensive and easy to install.

Experiment with various battery technologies to get the power to weight ratio that is perfect for you. With newer technologies such as lithium ion coming down in price, you could easily build a lightweight scooter that would run for many hours at a time.

An Electric HubMotor Kit is Easy to Install.

Speedster Electric Scooter - hubmotor installation
Speedster Electric Scooter - scooter battery pack
Speedster Electric Scooter - electric diy scooter
Speedster Electric Scooter - frame painted

Bicycle hubmotor kits come with the hubmotor built into the wheel, a motor controller, throttle, and charging adapter. You only have to connect them to your bike.

You can purchase a hubmotor online and from many bicycle shops, and they are available in many different speed and power ranges.

A smaller wheel offers more hill climbing torque, and a larger wheel will give you an electric scooter with more top speed.

This DIY Electric Scooter can be made by anyone with basic tools in a few days. Since most of the parts can be salvaged from a single donor bike, you can also build on a tight budget. The finished DIY Scooter will be much better quality than most store bought units.

Enjoy That Country Ride Without The Noise.

Speedster Electric Scooter - electric hubmotor
Speedster Electric Scooter - bicycle motor kit
Speedster Electric Scooter - battery bank
Speedster Electric Scooter - scooter frame

Gas powered minibikes and scooters are limited to either private property or require a license to operate in public. Electric scooters are free to use anywhere, anytime.

Because you will make zero noise and pollution, you can take your DIY electric bike anywhere a regular bike can go.

When you are done riding for the day, just plug in your DC adapter to any wall outlet, and you will be ready to go again in a few hours for just pennies per charge.

There is nothing as fun as the zippy torque and speed of a silent running electric scooter. Plug in your battery bank and then travel great distances for only pennies a charge, keeping up to city traffic as you effortlessly glide past non electric bicycles.

Speedster Electric Scooter - diy ebike