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OverKill Chopper

Build a Chopper With Serious Attitude!

OverKill Chopper - car wheel chopper bike
OverKill Chopper - handlebars
OverKill Chopper - car wheel
OverKill Chopper - long forks

This is the chopper that started a revolution against department store choppers with their wimpy rear wheels and stubby front forks!

Created in 1995 using scrap parts and conduit tubing, OverKill was designed to mock factory made choppers and inspire a revolution against mass production.

Now you can carve up your own DIY Car Wheel Chopper, changing the design to suit your own flavor of bad attitude!

All of the parts require to build this chop, or one based on the plan can be taken from scrap bicycles or purchased at the hardware store. The frame is made of electrical conduit, and there are no complex or machined parts used anywhere in this build.

You Only Need Basic Tools and Parts to Make This.

OverKill Chopper - diy fat wheel chopper
OverKill Chopper - car rim spokes
OverKill Chopper - chopper frame
OverKill Chopper - car wheel design

We design our plans for everyone, even those who have never attempted to hack a bike into something better.

Every single step of the build is shown in great detail, and this plan assumes you have only the basic tools such as a hand drill, angle grinder, or a any basic welder.

This chopper can be easily modified in order to create a completely unique frame based on your own creative style. Use the parts you have to do this on a budget!

You can turn just about any old steel car rim into a crazy phat chopper wheel just by adding bicycle spokes. This plan will show you how to add the spokes to the rim, a task that is actually very easy to do. Even the tire is put on by hand.

Look Cool While You Get a Great Leg Workout!

OverKill Chopper - diy chopper plans
OverKill Chopper - conduit frame
OverKill Chopper - frame painting
OverKill Chopper - jackshaft

The unique high rise frame and extended forks put this DIY Chopper in the same league with gas powered street chops.

Pedaling a full size chopper with a massive rear car wheel is actually not that difficult, and the bike will glide effortlessly once up to cruising speed.

Riding this chop won't make you lazy, that's for sure, so you can spend your cash on building something rather than dumping it into a gym membership!

The cool curved round tube styling can be made by either welding pre-made conduit elbows or by bending the tubing using an inexpensive hand bending tool available from the hardware store. Nothing in this plan is expensive or difficult to do.

Yeah, My Bike is Better Than Your Store Bought Bike!

OverKill Chopper - car wheel chop
OverKill Chopper - car rim bicycle spokes
OverKill Chopper - axle
OverKill Chopper - triple tree

Choppers coming off an assembly line by the thousands... not cool at all!

A chopper is a statement of rebellion and attitude, so it should be as unique as the builder, not mass produced in a cookie cutter factory.

These plans promote changing up the design to suit your own style, and using whatever scrap parts you can scrounge or have laying around. Roll out of your workshop on a one of a kind ride.

The car wheel to spoke conversion is shown in step by step details so that anyone can do it. You can use just about any size car rim, and even change the number of spokes or lacing pattern. All of the drive parts are also very easy to make from scratch.

Build it on a Budget Using Recycled Bike Parts.

OverKill Chopper - long forks
OverKill Chopper - dropouts
OverKill Chopper - hub axles
OverKill Chopper - triple tree design

Nothing used on this build is expensive or difficult to find. OverKill was made using one scrap mountain bike, a rusty car wheel, and some hardware store conduit.

With a little hard work and some basic hand tools you can forge your own king of the road in a few weekends, and you can do it on a tight budget using mostly junk parts.

This chopper gets serious attention, so if you enjoy turning heads and discussing your DIY bikes, then this chop is perfect.

A chopper's forks are certainly one of the defining aspects of the bike, and you have many options to alter length and angle to suit your style. Since the plan builds the frame from the wheels up, you can create your own unique frame style as you progress.

Rides like a Tank? yeah, it's a Chopper!

OverKill Chopper - atomiczombie
OverKill Chopper - car wheel
OverKill Chopper - conduit bending
OverKill Chopper - frame design

Ok, it's not all that bad actually. In fact it rides quite well once you are up to speed, and you can even add a standard bike brake to the front wheel.

Of course, if you are really looking for comfort and efficiency, then you best be clicking on the PLANs page for a more tame ride. OverKill is all about the bling!

Are you ready to make a statement with your crazy DIY Chopper Building style? If so, then get your hacksaw ready!

The idea to create the original Phat Ass Car Wheel Chopper came about when this rusty old drag wheel showed up at the local dump. Using whatever was laying around the ChopZone shop, OverKill was forged in a few days. The revolution soon followed.

Build it, Ride it, Make a Statement.

OverKill Chopper - chopper plans
OverKill Chopper - conduit elbows
OverKill Chopper - frame alignment
OverKill Chopper - frame design

Choppers are eccentric beasts, just like their creators! Each chopper tells a story through its wild style and creative transformation and final styling, often reflecting the attitude of the builder.

The original design goal for OverKill was to amplify everything to almost impossible proportions, mocking lesser department store choppers, with their wimpy rear tires and almost long forks.

What story will your DIY Chopper tell?

You can create a round tube frame with stylish curves by simply welding pre-made conduit elbows together, or you can bend your own with an inexpensive hand bending tool. Get creative with the frame, and create your own cool chopper theme.

No, You Can't Buy My Chopper!

OverKill Chopper - atomiczombie plans
OverKill Chopper - spokes in car rim
OverKill Chopper - diy seat
OverKill Chopper - fender

Those who truly understand the DIY culture would never consider riding anything stock, or something not built with their own hands.

Every chopper is a personal statement of rebellion against mass production and conformity, so not building it yourself is just plain wrong, dude!

The good news is that anyone can build an extreme chopper like this using only basic skills and tools, so stop lookin' at my ride and start building your own!

Let your imagination run out of control, and consider all junk to be potential parts for your amazing DIY Chopper. You can utilize anything made of metal to create your frame, standard bike parts for the transmission, and just about anything else for the final touches.

OverKill Chopper - chopper plan