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LongRanger Electric Bike

Run All Day On This DIY Electric Scooter.

LongRanger Electric Bike - atomiczombie bikes
LongRanger Electric Bike - suspension bike
LongRanger Electric Bike - battery bank
LongRanger Electric Bike - battery frame

If you need to travel across a great distance and want to make the journey on a fun, silent and clean running vehicle, then this DIY plan will make that happen for you.

The Atomic Zombie LongRanger ultra long range electric scooter combines a huge battery bank, along with an efficient hubmotor kit to create a vehicle that can run nonstop all day on a single battery charge.

Experiment with different motors and batteries and make your own E-Bike.

The LongRanger frame is created from an old mountain bike, keeping the front triangle mostly intact so that the completed electric bike rides just like an ordinary bike. The battery box fits in the mid frame, and is completely interchangeable.

Charges From a Wall Outlet.

LongRanger Electric Bike - diy e-bike
LongRanger Electric Bike - hubmotor kit
LongRanger Electric Bike - battery frame
LongRanger Electric Bike - head tube weld

Using the components from a full suspension mountain bike and a bicycle hubmotor kit, this DIY electric scooter plan details the conversion to full electric power.

By replacing the small batteries with a bank of large department store batteries, the LongRanger will be capable of traveling an easy 50 miles or much more on a single battery charge

For only pennies a day, you can make that long commute across town, or enjoy a day of trail riding in the wilderness.

The power is provided by a bicycle hubmotor kit, which you can purchase from many online distributors and bike shops. The motor is built right into the wheel, and they are available in many power configurations from 500 to over 2000 watts.

Ride Great Off Road and On The Trails.

LongRanger Electric Bike - diy electric scooter
LongRanger Electric Bike - large battery bank
LongRanger Electric Bike - square tube frame
LongRanger Electric Bike - diy scooter frame

The LongRanger DIY electric bike lives well on the road and off the road thanks to the full suspension and robust frame.

Both the top speed and range are easily modified by choosing the type of hubmotor kit, number of batteries, and rear wheel diameter so you can configure an electric scooter with the performance and characteristics you want.

With its 20 inch rear wheel, this DIY electric scooter can climb hills with ease.

This DIY electric bike is all about long distance riding, so the battery bank is made from several large gel batteries. Depending on your goals, you can use standard gel batteries for long range or lightweight high power lithium batteries for speed.

Modify The Plan to Suit Your Range Requirements.

LongRanger Electric Bike - diy ebike
LongRanger Electric Bike - hubmotor installation
LongRanger Electric Bike - hubmotor wiring
LongRanger Electric Bike - rear swingarm

The battery pack is easily removable from the frame so you can design several DIY electric vehicles based on Atomic Zombie plans or have more than one battery pack on hand for easy swapping during charging.

There is plenty of room for customization in this design, so you can create your own unique homebuilt electric scooter.

Depending on your choice of battery, you can expect from 20 to 50 miles of range.

The rear suspension system is made extremely robust so that it can take any type of wheel and hubmotor you want to install. This DIY electric bike will easily take a 1500 watt hubmotor, so you could keep up with city traffic if that is your goal.

Easy to Build, Fun to Ride.

LongRanger Electric Bike - diy scooter
LongRanger Electric Bike - hubmotor suspension
LongRanger Electric Bike - suspension springs
LongRanger Electric Bike - custom frame

We design our DIY plans so that anyone with a desire to build can make their own longe range electric bike.

Every single step of the build is shown in great detail, and the plans assume you have only the basic tools such as a hand drill, angle grinder, and a any basic welder.

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the the frame is made from basic steel square tubing. Motor power is provided by a bicycle hubmotor kit that you can install int he front or rear wheel.

A bicycle hubmotor kit is easy to install, as it will come with all of the parts you require. Just plug in the motor controller, battery bank, then connect the proportional throttle. With a press of the throttle, you will be heading out on your DIY electric bike.

Experiment With Your Own DIY Electric Bike Design.

LongRanger Electric Bike - diy electric
LongRanger Electric Bike - frame design
LongRanger Electric Bike - foot pegs
LongRanger Electric Bike - frame parts

If you have been wanting to create your own experimental long range DIY electric bike, then this is a good plan to start with.

You can try out various battery types to get the optimal balance of speed, torque and range. There are many ways to modify this plan to suit your needs and budget.

Only common bicycle parts are used, and the frame is made from basic steel square tubing. No experience necessary to build!

The frame is basically built around the battery bank you build, and you can alter it to suit your requirements. The seat can also be adapted to your style, or you can install a standard motorcycle seat. Change anything you like to make your own unique creation.

Have Fun on The Trails or Off The Road.

LongRanger Electric Bike - longe range electric
LongRanger Electric Bike - rear brakes
LongRanger Electric Bike - swingarm
LongRanger Electric Bike - frame primer

Running on clean electric power, you will be able you conquer that endless steep hill or take on those back country trails with ease.

Electric motors deliver all of their torque at low rpm, so you DIY electric bike will offer good acceleration and even the ability to tow a trailer or another bike.

With two wheel suspension, your ride will be smooth, even when riding off the road. The LongRanger DIY Electric Bike is part scooter, part minibike, and part street bike.

The front forks and rear swing arm both have standard bicycle brake for plenty of stopping power. You can also adapt the rear for a disc brake with a few easy modifications. To make the swing arm, you only need a few feet of thin walled steel square tubing.

Great For Camp, and You Can Drive it There.

LongRanger Electric Bike - extended range ebike
LongRanger Electric Bike - large battery bank
LongRanger Electric Bike - diy seat
LongRanger Electric Bike - rear frame

Bring your completely silent electric bike to camp, and with such a long range, you could actually drive it all the way there.

You can drive a silent bike like this any place a regular bike can go, so the "no Minibikes allowed" sign does not apply. Stealthy electric power will not disturb anyone.

For extreme extended range, you can easily swap out the batter bank and keep one charging at all times. With 2 banks, you could drive all day long.

Hill climbing and load moving are no problem for the silent running LongRanger electric scooter. For more speed, a 26 inch rear wheel can be used, which will bring you up to the speeds needed to drive on city streets alongside traffic. All of the parts needed to build this DIY scooter can be salvaged from a single suspension bicycle or purchased now at any bicycle shop.

LongRanger Electric Bike - atomiczombie plans