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Gladiator Chopper Trike

A Phat DIY Trike Chopper Your Can Build.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - car wheel chopper
Gladiator Chopper Trike - springer forks
Gladiator Chopper Trike - car wheel spokes
Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper frame painted

Yep, those are car wheels on there! This fun DIY chopper trike plan shows you how to modify car rims into bicycle wheels.

Even the stylish curved frame is made from inexpensive pre-bent conduit elbows from the hardware store. You really can build this car wheel chopper on a minimal budget.

The laid back recumbent seating is super comfortable, and the front springer suspension will take up any bumps in the road for that smooth city riding.

The Gladiator phat ass chopper trike is a laid back and cool cruiser that takes things to the extreme with extended springer forks and a set of massive rear wheels. Our Atomic Zombie DIY chopper trike plan shows you how to carve out a wild chopper frame using just about any type of metal tubing and then shows you how to add bicycle spokes to an ordinary set of steel car rims in order to create a radical bicycle chopper trike.

You Only Need Basic Tools and Parts to Make This.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - car wheel trike
Gladiator Chopper Trike - delta trike chopper
Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper car wheel
Gladiator Chopper Trike - trike bearings

Because the frame and handlebars are completely custom, you are free to experiment with your own styles during the build.

Every single step of this build is shown in great detail, and the plans assume you have only the basic tools such as a hand drill, angle grinder, and a any basic welder.

Only common bicycle parts and hardware store tubing is used, so you can build your own DIY Car Wheel Chopper on the cheap.

A real chopper is a home built work of art, not some mass produced bike with a 6 digit serial number! The Gladiator DIY chopper plan is very easy to customize, so you can add your own evil twists to our original design, carving out an all new chopper trike that will leave the crowd slack jawed. The unique mid-drive hub system also adds a back pedal brake to the rear axle, and it can be made using nothing more than an old coaster bike hub.

Car Wheel Choppers Make a Statement.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - fat wheel chopper
Gladiator Chopper Trike - car wheel bicycle
Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper wheel building
Gladiator Chopper Trike - intermediate drive

Once you see a car wheel chopper, all others start to look inadequate! A skinny department store chopper is no match for this beast.

AtomicZombie started the car wheel chopper trend way back in the 1990's, and it is now in your hands to carry it forward with your DIY chopper.

You can easily add bicycle spokes to any size or shape of car wheel, so let your imagination run wild, and make a statement that DIY is the only way to roll.

The Gladiator chopper trike is all about style and comfort, and with the laid back full height seat, you can cruise for hours, planted between those radical rear wheels. The ape hanger handlebars are also comfortable and stylish, giving the chopper an old school retro look while maintaining very good handling characteristics. Once you get rolling, the DIY chopper trike rides as smooth as any bicycle, and the large rear wheels act like gyroscopes to keep you rolling down the road with minimal effort.

Yeah, it's Also Super Comfortable to Ride.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - diy delta chopper
Gladiator Chopper Trike - springer front forks
Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper frame
Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper forks

With its laid back full support padded seat, you will be able to ride for hours in comfort while looking cool at the same time.

On the flats, the car wheel trike rolls easily, riding like any standard bicycle. When climbing hills, you can certainly expect a workout.

If getting in shape ain't your thing, then just add a gas or electric power assist motor, and let your legs rest as you cruise. A front electric power hubmotor kit is easily added at any time.

By following our Atomic Zombie chopper trike plan, you can alter the design as much as you want and use the materials you have on hand. The car rims and tires can be just about any width you want, so maybe this project is a good one for those old stock car rims you have sitting in the corner of the garage. The process of lacing the rims to the easy to build rear hubs is completely detailed, and anyone can build this chopper with little or no bike hacking experience.

Rides Well on The Street or on The Back Roads.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper plans
Gladiator Chopper Trike - trike sprocket
Gladiator Chopper Trike - trike rear end
Gladiator Chopper Trike - dit springer fork

With full sized car wheels, a springer front suspension, and a huge padded seat, you can tackle just about any terrain in smooth riding comfort.

There is no risk of tipping over on a trike, so you can even ride in the winter, on slippery roads. It is easy to mod the gearing as well for more low end torque.

Even though this DIY trike chop is a beast, it does handle very well. You can turn around in a small distance, and the steering is responsive enough for safe city driving.

Every single part of this home built chopper trike is off the scale with cool cruising style! The curved frame does not require a tubing bender, and you can easily shape the frame to suit your own building style by following the basic chopper plan, making changes when required. Even the seat is made using only the most basic tools and materials so that anyone with a desire to chop can make a cool chopper trike.

Unique Styling With Center Brake and Drive.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - trike transmission
Gladiator Chopper Trike - diy trike hubs
Gladiator Chopper Trike - car wheel bike
Gladiator Chopper Trike - trike axles

The plan includes a center mounted braking system that adapts a standard bicycle crank transmission to the rear axle.

All of the transmission components are made from bicycle components and hardware store parts, and everything is inexpensive.

You can add a second brake to the front wheel, or even add disc brakes to the rear axle with a few modifications. There is plenty of room for mods in the plan, and that is the goal when making a DIY chopper.

The Gladiator chopper trike may not be an optimal hill climber, but it is a good cruiser for most city streets and offers high maneuverability with a very tight turning radius. There is certainly enough room in the frame for a battery pack and the front forks are strong enough to handle an electric hubmotor, so you could create an electric chopper trike capable of long distance cruising and easy hill climbing.

Custom DIY Springer Fork Suspension.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper springer fork
Gladiator Chopper Trike - dit chopper forks
Gladiator Chopper Trike - bottom bracket
Gladiator Chopper Trike - trike axles

This DIY springer suspension places the suspension right at the base of the front forks, using recycled mattress springs and bike tubing.

You can make a cool springer fork out of just about anything. Hardware store springs, old garage door springs, or hack some old appliance to remove the springs.

Our DIY bike plans are all about creativity and recycle, so dig into that junk pile and turn that metal scrap into a cool trike chopper with serious attitude.

Grab your angle grinder and carve out a radical chopper trike by following our Atomic Zombie DIY chopper plan! You can build the Gladiator chopper trike in a few days using some salvaged bicycle components and scrap metal tubing, and you will not have to spend a fortune to create your own DIY chopper. The Gladiator chopper trike is a real attention getter. Nothing beats that look on someone’s face when you tell them that you built it completely from scratch.

Hardware Store Chops Got Nothin' on This Ride!

Gladiator Chopper Trike - car wheel chopper
Gladiator Chopper Trike - long forks
Gladiator Chopper Trike - round tube frame
Gladiator Chopper Trike - spoked car rims

A real chopper has to be hand crafted by the owner, that's the rule! Those wimpy choppers offered at department stores have no place in the chopper world.

Car wheel styling makes this DIY chopper explode with attitude, and you can build it completely from scratch using scrap bikes and junk yard parts.

Take our easy to follow trike chopper plan and modify it with your own radical style and creativity. Your chopper should reflect your style, so get your grinder ready!

This DIY Chopper Trike Plan is a great way to turn your creative energy into something that is both functional as well as cool to look at. Using nothing more than old bicycle parts, some steel car wheels, and basic hardware store steel, you can carve out your own DIY chopper.

Gladiator Chopper Trike - chopper plans